Incidence Report Form

Every Bhutanese is a trustee of the Kingdom's natural resources and environment for the benefit of the present and future generations and it is the fundamental duty of every citizen to contribute to the protection of the natural environment, conservation of the rich biodiversity of Bhutan and prevention of all forms of ecological degradation including noise, visual and physical pollution through the adoption and support of environment friendly practices and policies.
-The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Article 5.

According to Waste Prevention and Management Regulation, 2012, a person can report to the nearest local authority or the Royal Bhutan Police when he has the knowledge of any person releasing any nature of waste into the environment in the manner other than the prescribed procedures.

Incidence Report Form

Reporting illegal waste activities

You can report illegal waste activities directly to any of the concerned Gewog Administration, Dzongkhag Administration, Thromde, The National Environment Commission Secretariat or use this medium by filling out the required information.

Instructions for filling out the form.
You should:
  1. Fill up your name or you can remain anonymous (optional)
  2. Fill up your email or phone number (optional)
  3. Provide the exact location(mandatory)
  4. Select/choose file to attach any evidence (photographs or videos)
  5. Provide the description of the illegal waste activities or violator::
    • Details of any vehicles you saw - name, model, colour, registration number and any livery vehicle
    • Date and time when you saw them tipping waste or working on the site
    • Type of waste dumped
    • A personal description of the violator
Do not:
  1. Touch the waste - it may contain syringes, toxic substances, or asbestos etc. Exposures to improperly handled waste can have bad impact on your health.
  2. Disturb the incident site - there may be evidences that can assist the investigation